Welcome to the Ark Federation website, the learning community of All Saints C of E (VA) Primary School and Beer C of E (VA) Primary School.

???????????????????????????????????? Both schools are village primary schools with a strong Christian ethos which strives for success amongst all its stakeholders. Principally we celebrate achievements at all levels delivering a broad curriculum which is both stimulating, creative and challenging. We aim to prepare the children for a multi-cultural, technologically driven 21st Century by instilling many Christian values.

The life skill of team work is embedded in everything that happens. The future of the schools are shaped by children, parents, governors and the wider community. We hold an open door policy which allows every body to contribute. Working in partnership will ensure the best for all our children.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours sincerely,  Miss Rebecca Porter, Acting Headteacher.

RSS All Saint’s News…

  • PE Academy @ Exeter Chiefs – Written by the students
    On Tuesday 12th July some of the children that were selected for the PE Academy went on a trip to Sandy Park (Exeter Chiefs).  We had an amazing time and learnt lots of fantastic new skills.  We have also learnt how to rugby tackle!!!  We had a tour around Sandy Park; we went in the […]

RSS Beer News…

  • Yr 5/6 Science Experiment
    On Thursday 22nd September Dr. Usher, a Science teacher from Colyton Grammar School, came and taught us. It was a lot of fun. We discussed thrust and rocket power, used pop rockets which were powered by Alka Seltzer tablets, then we saw Mentos and Coca Cola, it was blast! Lastly we made rockets and flew […]

All Saints Tweets

A surprised but very happy winning team,1st place@the Colyton and Axe Valley Yr3/4 quad kids athletics competition pic.twitter.com/166x7yNKWp

Beer Tweets

We did it 🎉 Thank you to everyone who donated to such a fantastic cause. #CancerResearch #PrettyMuddy pic.twitter.com/wLB3IUo63f




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